Use Time Series Data in R and Python to Understand Change: Lessons

About Time Series Data

Time series data are used to understand changes over time in our environment. For instance, you can collect temperature data over time to track how temperature fluctuates, hourly, daily monthly and even annually. However often working with dates and times in tools like R and Python can be tricky given different date and time formats and time zones. Learn how to work with, clean up and plot time series data in the R programming language in the lessons below. Stay tuned for Python lessons!

Work With Datetime Format in Python - Time Series Data

This lesson covers how to deal with dates in Python. It reviews how to convert a field containing dates as strings to a datetime object that Python can understand and plot efficiently. This tutorial also covers how to handle missing data values in Python.

last updated: 04 Sep 2019

An Overview of the 2013 Colorado Floods

The 2013 flood event caused significant damage throughout the state of Colorado, USA. Learn about what caused the 2013 floods in Colorado and also some of the impacts.

last updated: 03 Sep 2019