Earth Data Analytics Workshops

Earth Data Science Workshops

Want to improve your earth data science skills? Complete a set of short, self-paced technical lessons. Following the materials available online for each workshop, you will learn how to perform a specific workflow using a specific tool that is commonly used in the earth data science field.

Online workshops are developed for workshops held by Earth Lab at the University of Colorado - Boulder.

Get Started With GIS in Open Source Python Tools

There are a suite of powerful open source python libraries that can be used to work with spatial data. Learn how to use geopandas, rasterio and matplotlib to plot and manipulate spatial data in Python....
Last updated: 02 Apr 2020

Introduction to Open Science Teaching Activity

A hands-on activity where students review a project for readability, organization, etc and identify key elements that would make it more usable and readily reproducible.
Last updated: 02 Apr 2020