About Earth Analytics Courses and Tutorials

This site hosts resources developed by Earth Lab at University of Colorado, Boulder. This website contains tutorials course lessons and blog posts related to earth data science. Most of the data tutorials will teach you important R and Python techniques relevant to earth data analytics, including geospatial, social, biological, and earth systems data. The earth analytics course lessons focus on a suite of topics including:

  • Geospatial analysis
  • Open, reproducible science
  • Spatio-temporal data
  • Heterogeneous data structures
  • Remote sensing
  • and more!

About Earth Lab

Our mission is to both capitalize on the data deluge from Space and other platforms to accelerate science and to train a new generation of data scientists who can apply their knowledge to addressing outstanding Earth Science questions. Our team approaches Earth analytics from a diverse set of perspectives, with backgrounds in high performance computing, statistics, visualization, and applied science.

Site Maintainers

This site is maintained by:

  • Max Joseph, Director - Analytics Hub, EarthLab
  • Leah Wasser, Director - Earth Analytics Education Initiative, EarthLab

Site Contributors

The science community is important to us. Many of the lessons and tutorials on this site are developed in collaboration with interns, students, colleagues and experts in the earth analytics field.

Check out our contributors list to see all of the people who have contributed to our lessons.