Lesson 1. Learn to Use tidyverse and Clean Code to Work With Data in R Clean coding tidyverse intro Workshop

Introduction to Clean Coding and the tidyverse in R - course module

Welcome to the first lesson in the Introduction to Clean Coding and the tidyverse in R module. When working with data, you often spend the most amount of time cleaning your data. Learn how to write more efficient code using the tidyverse in R.

Introduction to Git / Github workshop

Important Workshop Materials

What you need

To participate in this workshop, you need to have R and RStudio installed on your computer. Also, please install the following R packages:

  • install.packages("readr", "lubridate", "dplyr", "ggplot2")


This workshop is geared towards participants with background using R to work with data.


All of the data required to complete this workshop is located in a GitHub repository. You may access the data in one of two ways:

  1. If you already use git or want to learn, set it up on your computer.
  2. Then use git clone https://github.com/earthlab/version-control-hot-mess to clone or copy the workshop repo to your computer.
  3. If you are not comfortable using git or would rather download the repository:
    • Visit this url: https://github.com/earthlab/version-control-hot-mess and look for the green “Clone or download” button.
    • Select “Download ZIP” to download the repo as a zip file.
    • Download the repo and unzip it somewhere on your computer where you will work.

Be sure that you save things in a directory on your computer that you can find and use during the workshop!

Workshop schedule

1:00 - 1:30Welcome / Clean Code Group ActivityLeah / Max
1:30 - 2:20Intro to Pseudocode, Tidyverse & NA valuesMax
2:30 - 2:40Break 
2:40 - 3:20Automate Code with LoopsLeah
3:20 - 4:00Practice Your SkillsLeah / Max