Git/ Workflow For Version Control

Welcome to Day Three!

Welcome to Day Three of the Earth Analytics Bootcamp! Today, you will learn how to implement version control with Git to manage versions of your files and to back-up your files to You will also learn more about managing your Jupyter Notebook files and using Markdown for documentation.

Learning Objectives

After completing the lessons for Day 3, you will be able to:

  • Define version control and explain how it can be accomplished using Git and
  • Create, rename, and delete Jupyter Notebook files
  • Use Markdown to add documentation to a Jupyter Notebook file
  • Implement version control for your Jupyter Notebook files using Git and

Class Schedule

Review Day 2 / Questions
Lesson 1: What Is Version Control
Lesson 2: Manage Jupyter Notebook Files
Lesson 3: Using Markdown for Documentation
Lesson 4: Guided Activity: Version Control with Git/GitHub
Lesson 5: Guided Activity: Submit Pull Requests on

Lessons Day 3

Today’s lessons provide the information that you need to continue homework 1. In the lessons, you will use Git and to implement version control for your files and use Jupyter Notebook to manage files and add Markdown documentation to your Jupyter Notebook files. You will also practice the Git/GitHub workflow that you will use to submit Homework 1.

Be Sure You Have the Homework 1 Jupyter Notebook File

If you have not already forked and cloned the repository for Homework 1, complete the challenge posted at the bottom of the lesson on Get Files From GitHub.

Continue Homework 1

View Homework 1

Important: Complete today’s lessons and hands-on activities (listed above) BEFORE continuing Homework 1.

The first homework (Homework 1) is due Friday, August 10th at 8:00 AM (U.S. Mountain Daylight Time). See this link to convert the due date/time to your local time.