Git/ For Scientific Collaboration

Welcome to Week 7!

Welcome to Week 7 of the Earth Analytics Bootcamp course! This week, you will learn how to undo changes in Git and how to use Git/ to collaborate with others.

Learning Objectives

After completing the lessons for Week 7, you will be able to:

  • Undo changes using Git
  • Communicate with others in a collaborative project using

Homework Assignment

Ths assignment for this week can be found in the GitHub repository below. We will add more text about the specifics of this assignment in the near future!

Click here to view the GitHub Repo with the assignment template.

Earth Data Science Textbook Readings

Please read the following chapters to support completing this week’s assignment:

Example Homework Plots

The plots below are examples of what your plot could look like. Feel free to customize or modify plot settings as you see fit!