GEOG 4463 & 5463 - Earth Analytics Bootcamp: Pre-Course Learning Resources

About the Pre-course Learning Resources

The following optional lessons are individual chapters from Data Camp lessons that can help save you time during the bootcamp or simply help you feel better prepared. If you decide to complete these lessons before the bootcamp course begins, the following order is suggested.

Pre-course Learning Resources


  • Python Basics
    • Topics: get started with Python; conduct simple calculations, define variables; conduct calculations with variables; convert between Python types (e.g. strings, integer, floats)
  • Python Lists
    • Topics: learn what lists are and why they are useful; create lists; subset (or select) from lists, manage lists (e.g. add/remove items in a list)
  • Plotting Data in Python: Matplotlib
    • Topics: create line and scatter plots; build histograms; customize plots


  • Manipulating Files and Directories
    • Topics: understand what Shell is and how it is different from graphical user interfaces; use Shell to navigate the file directory (e.g. folders) on a computer; use Shell to create, manage, and delete directories as well as files within directories

Git and

  • Watch video on version control with Git and (through 13:45 mins only).

  • Basic Workflow

    • Topics: review version control and how git can be used to implement it; check the state of a repository; check for changes in a repository; compare differences between two files; save and commit changes to files; write log messages; view the history of changes to a repository