Learn to Write Functions in Python

Welcome to Week 9!

Welcome to Week 9 of the Earth Analytics Bootcamp course! This week, you will write Python code in Jupyter Notebook to implement another strategy for DRY (i.e. Do Not Repeat Yourself) code: functions.

Learning Objectives

After completing the lessons for Week 9, you will be able to:

  • Explain how functions help you to write DRY code
  • Create Python functions that allow you to modularize your code and associated tasks
  • Add useful, numpy-style doc-strings to your functions to support using the help() function.

Homework & Readings

Click here to view the GitHub Repo with the assignment template.

Earth Data Science Textbook Readings

Please read the following chapters of the Introduction to Earth Data Science online textbook to support completing this week’s assignment:

Example Homework Plots

There are no plots associated with this week’s assignment.

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