GEOG 4463 & 5463 - Earth Analytics Bootcamp: Pre-Course Checklist

About the Pre-course Checklist

Please complete the following tasks before the first day of the course to ensure that you are fully prepared to participate in the course.

Checklist of Pre-course Tasks

Before the first day of the course, make sure that you can:

  1. Access the Piazza webpage for this course.

  2. Log into CANVAS, the university learning management system, and see the webpage for this course.

  3. Create a free account on

  4. Follow the instructions on the instructions on Setting up Git, Bash, and Anaconda on your computer to install the necessary tools for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). The necessary tools include Bash, Git, and the Anaconda distribution for Python 3.6.

Questions or concerns? Post questions to Piazza webpage for this course or email concerns to the instructor as needed.