Work with MODIS HDF4 Data in Open Source Python

Welcome to Week 10!

Welcome to week 10 of Earth Analytics! This week you will learn how to work with MODIS data in HDF4 (hierarchical data format). You will add to the assignment that you started last week by processing MODIS data to calculate vegetation burn indices which can be used to quantify pre vs post fire impacts on vegetation.

Download Cold Springs Fire Data (~150 MB)

Or use earthpy'cold-springs-fire')

Materials to Review For This Week’s Assignment

Please be sure to review:

  1. Chapter 12 on working with hierarchical data formats in Section 6 of the Intermediate Earth Data Science Textbook and

1. The assignment below is the same as last week’s assignment

Note that this assignment is worth more points than a usual weekly assignment as it spans multiple weeks.

Click here to view the the example GitHub Repo with the assignment template.