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R Markdown resources

Find resources that will help you use the R Markdown format.

last updated: 07 Dec 2017

Add Images to an R Markdown Report

This lesson covers how to use markdown to add images to a report. It also discusses good file management practices associated with saving images within your project directory to avoid losing them if you have to go back and work on the report in the future.

last updated: 10 Jan 2018

Convert R Markdown to PDF or HTML

Knitr can be used to convert R Markdown files to different formats, including web friendly formats. Learn how to convert R Markdown to PDF or HTML in RStudio.

last updated: 10 Jan 2018

How to Use R Markdown Code Chunks

Code chunks in an R Markdown document are used to separate code from text in a Rmd file. Learn how to create reports using R Markdown.

last updated: 10 Jan 2018