Use MatPlotCheck to Autograde Matplotlib Plots in Python

Developers: Leah Wasser, ,

A package for testing different types of matplotlib plots including:

  • basic matplotlib plots
  • geopandas spatial vector plots
  • raster plots
  • time series plots
  • folium plots

and more!

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Why MatPlotCheck?

There is often a need to test plots particularly when teaching data science courses. The Matplotlib API can be complex to navigate when trying to write tests. MatPlotCheck was developed to make it easier to test data, titles, axes and other elements of Matplotlib plots in support of both autograding and other testing needs.

MatPlotCheck was inspired by plotChecker developed by Jess Hamrick.

We spoke with her about our development and decided to extend plotChecker to suite some of the grading needs in our classes which include plots with spatial data using numpy for images and geopandas for vector data.

Find MatPlotCheck on GitHub.