Launch and Manage Multiple JupyterHub Instances From GitHub

Developers: , Leah Wasser

Sometimes you may need different JupyterHub environments for various courses, projects and / or workshop. The hub-ops tool, allows you to quickly launch a JupyterHub, using Google Cloud. To launch a new hub, you need to

  1. specify the docker container that you wish to use as your environment.
  2. Update a yaml file on github containing the docker information and specifications for the hub including computer power needed.
  3. Specify any files that you’d like to add to the hub. This uses nbgitpuller to grab files from a specific GitHub repo (of your choice!).

This tool was developed to make is easier for Earth Lab to manage their JupyterHub environment in support of the earth analytics education program activities.

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Access the JupyterHub Ops repo on GitHub.