EarthPy for Open Source GIS in Python

EarthPy makes it easier to plot and manipulate spatial data in Python.

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Why EarthPy?

Python is a generic programming language designed to support many different applications. Because of this, many commonly performed spatial tasks for science including plotting and working with spatial data take many steps of code. EarthPy builds upon the functionality developed for raster data (rasterio) and vector data (geopandas) in Python and simplifies the code needed to:

EarthPy also has an io module that allows users to

  1. Quickly access pre-created data subsets used in the earth-analytics courses hosted on
  2. Download other datasets that they may want to use in their workflows.

EarthPy’s design was inspired by the raster and sp package functionality available to R users.

Check out our vignette gallery for applied examples of using EarthPy in common spatial workflows.

Find EarthPy on GitHub.