ABC Classroom an Open Source Python Tool for GitHub Classroom

Developers: Leah Wasser, ,

Why ABC Classroom

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Many of us teaching data science are using GitHub Classroom as a way to teach students both git and GitHub skills and also potentially collaboration skills that align with open source software development best practices. However there are many steps associated with using GitHub classroom to manage a class.

Abc-Classroom contains a suite of command-line utilities that make it easier to manage a class of students using GitHub classroom by:

  1. Making it easier to create template assignment directories that are directly connected to your classroom organization
  2. Making it easier to update those assignments and
  3. (still under development) making it easier to clone all student assignments for grading.

We are currently using nbgrader in our workflow and are thus building this tool out to support the use of nbgrader as well.

Check out abc-classroom on GitHub.