Find and Manage Data - Metadata

Reproject Raster Data Python

Sometimes you will work with multiple rasters that are not in the same projections, and thus, need to reproject the rasters, so they are in the same coordinate reference system. Learn how to reproject raster data in Python using Rasterio.

last updated: 14 Feb 2020

About the Geotiff (.tif) Raster File Format: Raster Data in Python

Metadata describe the key characteristics of a dataset such as a raster. For spatial data, these characteristics including the coordinate reference system (CRS), resolution and spatial extent. Learn about the use of TIF tags or metadata embedded within a GeoTIFF file to explore the metadata programatically.

last updated: 22 Jan 2020

About the Geotiff (.tif) Raster File Format: Raster Data in Python

This lesson introduces the geotiff file format. Further it introduces the concept of metadata - or data about the data. Metadata describe key characteristics of a data set. For spatial data these characteristics including CRS, resolution and spatial extent. Here you learn about the use of tif tags or metadata embedded within a geotiff file as they can be used to explore data programatically.

last updated: 05 Feb 2020

How to Open and Use Files in Geotiff Format

A GeoTIFF is a standard file format with spatial metadata embedded as tags. Use the raster package in R to open geotiff files and spatial metadata programmatically.

last updated: 03 Sep 2019