NEON Data Skills

NEON Data Skills has contributed to the materials listed below. NEON Data Skills develops tutorials that support the use of NEON data. Check out their website at

Course Lessons

Course lessons are developed as a part of a course curriculum. They teach specific learning objectives associated with data and scientific programming. NEON Data Skills has contributed to the following lessons:

How to fork a repo in GitHub

Learn how to fork a repository using the GitHub website.

An introduction version control

Learn what version control is, and how Git and GitHub are used in a typical version control workflow.

How to Open and Use Files in Geotiff Format

A GeoTIFF is a standard file format with spatial metadata embedded as tags. Use the raster package in R to open geotiff files and spatial metadata programmatically.

Explore Precipitation and Stream Flow Data Using Interactive Plots: The 2013 Colorado Floods

Practice interpreting data on plots that show rainfall (precipitation) and stream flow (discharge) as it changes over time.

Use Google Earth Time Series Images to Explore Flood Impacts

Learn how to use the time series feature in Google Earth to view before / after images of a location.

Convert R Markdown to PDF or HTML

Knitr can be used to convert R Markdown files to different formats, including web friendly formats. Learn how to convert R Markdown to PDF or HTML in RStudio.

How to Use R Markdown Code Chunks

Code chunks in an R Markdown document are used to separate code from text in a Rmd file. Learn how to create reports using R Markdown.

Introduction to Markdown Syntax - a Primer

Learn how to write using the markdown syntax in an R Markdown document.

How to create an R Markdown File in R Studio and the R Markdown File Structure

Learn about the format of a R Markdown file including a YAML header, R code and markdown formatted text.

Introduction to R Markdown & Knitr - Connect Data, Methods and Results

Learn what open science is and how R Markdown can help you document your work.

Data tutorials

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