Megan Cattau

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Course Lessons

Course lessons are developed as a part of a course curriculum. They teach specific learning objectives associated with data and scientific programming. Megan Cattau has contributed to the following lessons:

Work with MODIS Remote Sensing Data in R.

In this lesson you will explore how to import and work with MODIS remote sensing data in raster geotiff format in R. You will cover importing many files using regular expressions and cleaning raster stack layer names for nice plotting.

Calculate and Plot Difference Normalized Burn Ratio (dNBR) from Landsat Remote Sensing Data in R

In this lesson you review how to calculate difference normalized burn ratio using pre and post fire NBR rasters in R. You finally will classify the dNBR raster.

Work with the Difference Normalized Burn Index - Using Spectral Remote Sensing to Understand the Impacts of Fire on the Landscape

In this lesson you review the normalized burn ratio (NBR) index which can be used to identify the area and severity of a fire. Specifically you will calculate NBR using Landsat 8 spectral remote sensing data in raster, .tif format.

Clean Remote Sensing Data in R - Clouds, Shadows & Cloud Masks

In this lesson, you will learn how to deal with clouds when working with spectral remote sensing data. You will learn how to mask clouds from landsat and MODIS remote sensing data in R using the mask() function. You will also discuss issues associated with cloud cover - particular as they relate to a research topic.

Data tutorials

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