Lauren Herwehe

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Course Lessons

Course lessons are developed as a part of a course curriculum. They teach specific learning objectives associated with data and scientific programming. Lauren Herwehe has contributed to the following lessons:

Measure Changes in the Terrain Caused by a Flood Using Lidar Data

A flood event often changes the terrain as water moves sediment and debris across the landscape. Learn how terrain changes are measured using lidar remote sensing data.

Rain: a Driver of the 2013 Colorado Floods

The amount and/or duration of rainfall can impact how severe a flood is. Learn how rainfall is measured and used to understand flood impacts.

How the Atmosphere Drives Floods: The 2013 Colorado Floods

Changes in the atmosphere, including how quickly a storm moves can impact the severity of a flood. Learn more about how atmospheric conditions impact flood events.

An Overview of the 2013 Colorado Floods

Learn about what caused the 2013 floods in Colorado and also some of the impacts.

Data tutorials

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