Joe McGlinchy

Joe McGlinchy has contributed to the materials listed below. Joe is a Remote Sensing Specialist with the Analytics Hub at Earth Lab.

Course Lessons

Course lessons are developed as a part of a course curriculum. They teach specific learning objectives associated with data and scientific programming. Joe McGlinchy has contributed to the following lessons:

How Do You Design and Automate a Data Workflow

Designing and developing data workflows can help you complete your work more efficiently by allowing you to repeat and automate data tasks. Learn how to design and develop efficient workflows to automate data analyses in Python.

Data Workflow Best Practices - Things to Consider When Processing Data

Identifying aspects of a workflow that can be modularized and tested can help you design efficient and effective data workflows. Learn best practices for designing efficient data workflows.

Crop a Spatial Raster Dataset Using a Shapefile in Python

This lesson covers how to crop a raster dataset and export it as a new raster in Python

GIS in Python: Introduction to Vector Format Spatial Data - Points, Lines and Polygons

This lesson introduces what vector data are and how to open vector data stored in shapefile format in Python.

Subtract Raster Data in Python Using Numpy and Rasterio

Sometimes you need to manipulate multiple rasters to create a new raster output data set in Python. Learn how to create a CHM by subtracting an elevation raster dataset from a surface model dataset in Python.

Open, Plot and Explore Lidar Data in Raster Format with Python

This lesson introduces the raster geotiff file format - which is often used to store lidar raster data. You will learn the 3 key spatial attributes of a raster dataset including Coordinate reference system, spatial extent and resolution.

Get Started With GIS in Open Source Python - Geopandas, Rasterio & Matplotlib

There are a suite of powerful open source python libraries that can be used to work with spatial data. Learn how to use geopandas, rasterio and matplotlib to plot and manipulate spatial data in Python.

Data tutorials

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