Practice Working With Data Structures

Welcome to Day Six!

Welcome to Day Six of the Earth Analytics Bootcamp! Today, you will practice working with the data structures used in this course: lists, numpy arrays and pandas dataframes. You will also practice submitting pull requests to Github repositories. Rather than reviewing lessons, you will complete a hands-on activity.

Learning Objectives

By completing the activity for today, you will practice:

  • Adding documentation to Jupyter Notebook using Markdown and Python comments
  • Creating Python lists
  • Downloading text files from
  • Importing text files (.txt, .csv) into numpy arrays and pandas dataframes
  • Selecting and summarizing data in numpy arrays and pandas dataframes

You will also learn how to:

  • Use indexing to insert values into Python lists
  • Manually create numpy arrays and pandas dataframes

Class Schedule

Review Day 5 / Questions
Review Answers to Homework 1
Hands-on Activity: Data Structures