Loops in Python

Welcome to Day Seven!

Welcome to Day Seven of the Earth Analytics Bootcamp! Today, you will learn about the DRY (i.e. Do Not Repeat Yourself) principle and write Python code in Jupyter Notebook to implement one strategy for writing DRY code in Python: loops.

Learning Objectives

After completing the lessons for Day 7, you will be able to:

  • Define the DRY principle and list strategies for writing DRY code
  • Explain how loops help you to write DRY code
  • Write Python code for looping structures to run tasks multiple times without repeating the code

Class Schedule

Review Day 6 / Questions
Lesson 1: Intro to DRY code
Lesson 2: Intro to Loops
Lesson 3: Automate Tasks Using Loops

Lessons Day 7

Today’s lessons provide the information and files that you need to begin homework 3. In the lessons, you will write Python in Jupyter Notebook to control the flow of your code using loops.

Get Day 7 Files From Github.com

Fork and git clone today’s files from https://github.com/earthlab-education/ea-bootcamp-day-7 to the earth-analytics-bootcamp directory under your home directory.

If needed, refer to the lesson on Get Files from Github.com.

Begin Homework 3

View Homework 3

Important: Complete today’s lessons and hands-on activities (listed above) BEFORE beginning Homework 3.

The third homework (Homework 3) is due Friday, August 17th at 8:00 AM (U.S. Mountain Daylight Time). See this link to convert the due date/time to your local time.